In-House Pharmacy in Hickory!

You can now get your medication where it was prescribed!

We have implemented a new In-House Pharmacy in our Hickory location, with the hopes of easing the burden of being sick. This new dispensing pharmacy will eliminate the need to travel elsewhere when you are feeling your worst. It gives you the opportunity to buy your prescribed medication without leaving the room you were seen in. We understand the strain that an illness can place on your life. Our goal at Urgent Care of Mountain View is to eliminate that stress, or ease it to the best of our abilities. This pharmacy will have some of the most commonly prescribed medications available, as well as some over the counter medications. Ask your provider about our pharmacy option during your next visit.

Let us take care of all your needs, so you can relax and feel better soon!

Here is a list of medications that we have available:

  • Acetaminophen [Tylenol]
  • Amoxicillin [Amoxil]
  • Amoxicillin/Clavulanate Potassium [Augmentin]
  • Azithromycin [Zithromax Oral Susp]
  • Azithromycin [Zithromax, Z-Pak tablets]
  • Cefdinir
  • Ciprofloxacin [Cipro]
  • Clindamycin HCI [Cleocin 300 mg capsules]
  • Clonidine HCI [Catapres .2]
  • Clotrimazole/Betamethasone Diprop [Lotrisone]
  • Doxycycline Hyclate [Vibramycin]
  • Fluconazole [Diflucan]
  • Fluticasone Propionate [Flonase Nasal Spray]
  • Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan [Robitussin DM]
  • Ibuprofen [Motrin]
  • Ibuprofen [Children’s Motrin]
  • Lisinopril [Zestril or Prinivil]
  • Meloxicam [Mobic]
  • Metformin [Glucophage]
  • Metronidazole [Flagyl]
  • Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate Macrocrystals [Macrobid]
  • Ondansetron [Zofran]
  • Polymyxin B Sulfate Trimethoprim [Polytrim]
  • Prednisone
  • Promethazine HCL [Phenergan]
  • Ranitidine [Zantac]
  • Silver Sulfadiazine [Silvadene]
  • Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim [Bactrim DS]
  • Tizanidine Tab HCL
  • Triamcinolone Acetonide [Kenalog]
  • Valacyclovir HCl [Valtrex]
  • Ventolin HFA [Albuterol Sulfate]
  • Tizanidine Tab HCL