There’s a certain excitement in the air when the weather starts to warm up and we have more hours of sunshine in our day. With the arrival of spring, we’re normally eager to return to outdoor activities. However, certain illnesses and health problems can occur during this time. Knowing a little about these ailments may help you avoid them and feel healthier throughout the season.

Seasonal Allergies

Due to budding trees, bushes and flowers that release pollen into the air, seasonal allergies can be a problem for many. Since we live in the South, spring allergies can start as early as February. A rainy spring can promote mold growth, leading to many months of symptoms.

Often people find it necessary to combat spring allergies with medicines. Many allergy medicines work best when they are in your system before you’re exposed to allergens like pollen. You may want to consult with one of our providers to see if you should start your medicines several weeks before you expect symptoms. You can follow pollen counts online or through your local weather channel or app.


Asthma symptoms can also flare up in the spring. Some common triggers include pollen, air temperature changes, insect repellants and yard fertilizers. Spring cleaning, such as dust and cleaning chemicals can also be potential indoor triggers. Visit one of our offices if you have trouble controlling your asthma symptoms or need your rescue inhaler more than twice a week.

Spring Colds and Other Common Illnesses

Many people associate getting a cold with cold weather, but spring is a peak time for the common cold. Although there has thankfully been a decline in the number of Covid cases, it is still out there, as well as other viruses, such as gastrointestinal viruses (often called the stomach flu), influenza, and parainfluenza. To prevent and reduce the spread of these illnesses, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds and try to avoid anyone who is sick. Also, throughout the day, try your best not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you find yourself not feeling well, we welcome you to come to one our offices for diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms.

Bug & Insect Bites

Spring is the beginning of outdoor sports, barbecues, and gardening, unfortunately that also includes coming into contact with bugs and insects.

As you spend more time outdoors, stay vigilant about using insect repellant to avoid bug bites. Also, wear long pants, long sleeves, and a hat when you’re in heavily wooded areas.

Taking precautions and using safety measures can help to prevent some of these spring-time concerns, but Urgent Care of Mountain View is always here to help with injuries and illnesses should they occur. Click to learn more about our services.